"Treatment originates outside you;
 healing comes from within."

Reiki in Cusco - Accessing the energy of the Andes

Reiki sessions with Us. Have you ever experienced a queasy feeling in your stomach when you are nervous? How about a lump in your throat when you are feeling negative emotions but can't find the words to express yourself? It is no coincidence that these physical ailments are accompanied by mental and emotional stresses.


Each of us has 7 main energy centers in our bodies called Chakras. Every day we stimulate these Chakras consciously or unconsciously through our thoughts, actions, interactions, senses, physicality, and environment. This stimulation can manifest energy in negative or positive form. When the Chakras are unbalanced or blocked, our bodies are assaulted with a myriad of physical ailments ranging from a minor headache to heart disease. While traveling it is natural to experience physical, emotional, and spiritual highs and lows when confronted with new places, people, languages, challenges, and adventures. Even if we are having an overall positive experience, it can still be difficult to feel centered in ourselves.



Reiki is a natural method of healing through the use of Universal Life Force Energy. The reiki practitioner functions as a porthole to this energy, enabling the Universal Life Force Energy to flow to the recipients Chakras, thus bring harmony to the individuals mind body and spirit. Reiki can help with any problem an individual may have because the energy is fluid and malleable. Cusco is the perfect place to experience reiki therapy because it is a powerful center of universal energy.

With respect to Reiki:

Regrettably, I have seen many people throughout the years making a business of selling Reiki certifications who are in reality pseudo-teachers of Reiki. These “teachers” use drugs, alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and/or eat meat, thinking that Reiki can purify their minds and bodies regardless of what they consume, and they go on to teach this to their students. This is very harmful because the energy of Prana, or Reiki, functions according to more subtle laws, such as the law of action and reaction known as Karma in Sanskrit.
What I learned is that any person can transmit Reiki, as long as his actions are pure and lives according to universal love. This journey is difficult for many because it orders detachment from many things. A reiki practitioner is a servant of the Supreme Love, therefore he must not contaminate his body and mind in order to transmit Prana in its purest form to the recipient.

Dhruva M. Das


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