Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage designed to manipulate deeply into the tissues to unblock and release chronic tension which accumulates in the muscles. Stretching, mobilization techniques and various massage movements are used to rebalance and restore body’s vitality.

After a deep tissue massage you can expect to feel a little tender in the area that has been worked. You shouldn’t feel active pain

Deep tissue massage benefits fall into both the physical and mental wellbeing camps. Most massages focus on relaxation alone. A deep tissue massage brings you these benefits but also helps you physically in terms of aches and stiffness. The main benefits of deep tissue massage include:

  • Pain relief: Whether you’re struggling with a sports injury, living with plantar fasciitis, or have a chronic condition such as sciatica or fibromyalgia, deep tissue massage can bring pain relief. Evidence shows that massage is a powerful pain reliever.

  • Healing: The increased blood flow stimulated by the massage works to help reduce inflammation and promote faster healing of injuries.

  • Lowers blood pressure: Studies have shown that massage can help to lower your blood pressure.

  • Improved flexibility: Deep tissue massage can improve the range of movement in tight muscles, allowing for better performance and safer workouts.

  • Relaxation: Massage is a wellbeing wonder, and deep tissue massage has the same relaxing benefits. The massage boosts the body’s release of feel-good hormones like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins ensuring you feel blissfully relaxed.

  • Aids sleep: As well as helping you sleep better due to pain relief, a deep tissue massage can have a soporific effect later on due to the natural injection of serotonin your body receives.

  • Break-up scar tissue: If you have large or notable scars, a deep tissue massage will help to release the tension created by the scar, working fascia loose and promoting greater flexibility in the area.

What to do after a deep tissue massage

So that you benefit from the massage, there are a few things to do which can help.

  • Drink plenty of fluids: Drink lots of water after a massage as this will help you to hydrate, aiding the increased blood flow and flushing out the toxins. Avoid caffeine or alcohol though. 

  • Eat something healthy: It’s quite normal to feel a bit hungry after a massage. Have a healthy fruit salad or a nutritious rainbow salad with some protein.

  • Have a bath: If you’re feeling a little tender then a warm bath can help. If an injury area feels a bit sore then it can be worth using an ice pack.

  • Rest and relax: Either have a nap, or at least put your feet up to enjoy your drink and listen to some soothing music. This will help your muscles to stay relaxed. Don’t head straight out to do sport or exercise, but leave at least 24 hours so that your body benefits from the massage.

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