"Treatment originates outside you;
 healing comes from within."

The treatments and therapies offered at Holistic Healing Paramatma in Cusco are focused on viewing the patient as an individual spirit that is an integral part of an organic whole. In this way, we help develop consciousness.

What does Paramatma means?

Paramatma is a Sanskrit word. Param means Supreme, and Atma means soul. Paramatma is the supreme soul present in the heart of every living entity.

According to Vedic knowledge, the intuition, the internal voice, is a manifestation of Paramatma. This is the Supreme Consciousness of which you are a part of.

What is Holistic Healing Paramatma?

According to Vaishnava philosophy and the Vedic Knowledge of the ancient culture of India:
All of us are eternal spiritual souls and possess a gross material body and an ethereal or subtle material body.

The subtle body is composed of 3 elements: The mind, the intelligence, and the false ego.
Through the evolution of consciousness the soul can recover its natural state of peace and happiness, or Ananda.