"Treatment originates outside you;
 healing comes from within."


"Once the physical body starts to heal, detoxification moves onto a mental and emotional level, and finally reveals a spiritual body hidden beneath."

Join us for a 6-day healing journey in the sacred valley near Pisac, rejuvenating your body, nourishing your soul.

The retreat includes:

guided meditation
daily pranayama & yoga practice
detoxing food, cleansing juices
sound healing, yoga nidra
temazcal, clay cleanse
hike to nearby waterfalls

You will need to bring :

A flashlight
Sun Cream
Toilet paper
Sleeping bag (if you have one)

Please contact us for scheduling, more information or to reserve your spot for the next retreat. We would love to hear from you!

Price : $365 Dollars

P.s. The location of the retreat is in an ecological farm where there are basic facilities, i.e. no electricity, no internet access or cellular signal, or hot water.
We use compost toilets and encourage living in harmony with nature.
The room where you will sleep in is shared with other participants.

Event in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/752388144806380

You can make your payment through Western Union, bank transfer or Paypal.      

Not included in this price is the tax that paypal charges. 

If you have money in a paypal account, the payment is free; if it comes from a credit card, they charge a tax that you would have to pay.

We have added 10 dollars as there is a Paypal and Peruvian bank commission charge.

Holistic Yoga Retreat (6 Days 5 Nights)