Goddess of the Rose 8 Day Luxury Women’s Healing Retreat in Peru

This is a 8 day intimate women’s luxury healing retreat held in the majestic mountains of The Sacred Valley, Peru.

September 14th -21st

This experience is designed for you to awaken your feminine divinity and embody the inner Goddess living within you.

By working with Sacred Feminine Breathwork Ceremonies, Feminine Embodiment workshops, traditional Sweat Lodge, Huachuma (San Pedro) medicine, exquisite sound healing ceremony, the spirit of divine mother rose, and your prayer – you will ignite new levels of expansion within you, heal aspects of wounded feminine, and activate your power.

Here you will open the gateways of your heart to come into alignment with your prayer as you deepen your relationship to self and the divine and activate a new sense of alignment and belonging with mother earth.

“There are a lot of healing modalities in the world but the particular flavor that Sydney brings is exactly what Women and Society need to wake up and come back into their innate power and ultimately bring the world into balance.”


When Women Come together to heal, the entire world receives healing.

The power of uniting the feminine together expands to realms and dimensions beyond our conscious awareness. The intentions, prayers and healing are not just magnified on an individual level or within the group level. It is amplified on a collective level. The magic effortlessly ripples into generations of our ancestors, activates healing for the collective consciousness of humanity and in turn, heals our planet, nourishing our great mother earth.

The sister wounds of jealousy, competition, comparison, deceit get transmuted into deep love, nourishment, collaboration, devotional honoring of all goddesses.

This Retreat is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Welcome in a new era of expansion

  • Break free from limiting beliefs, old conditioning, toxic stories of the mind

  • Release suppressed trauma and wounding stored in the body

  • Align your internal cycles and the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth

  • Experience the Sacredness of Sisterhood & heal any sister/mother wounds you may be subconsciously carrying

  • Re-establish safety within your body, release any stress/worries you may be carrying, bring your nervous system to calm, regulated state.

  • Awaken your authentic expression, activate new portals of creativity within you and let your Shakti fire rise

  • Deepen your connection to Mother Earth and activate the wisdom she carries within you

  • Connect deeper to your prayer, gain clarity and align with your intentions for your life

  • Harmonize your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body

  • Activate and embody your full Goddess Energy!

What’s Included:

  • 7 Night/8 Day accommodation in private or shared room with housekeeping

  • Nourishing, organic meals cooked by a professional chef

  • 2 hours access to private luxury spa per day

  • Sacred Feminine Breathwork Ceremonies (Heart Womb, Dragon Shakti, Kundalini Tantric)

  • Huachuma Medicine Ceremony

  • Feminine Embodiment Workshops

  • Traditional Sweat Lodge

  • Flower Bath

  • Rose Blessing & Sound Healing Ceremony

  • Virtual Group Integration Call held 2 weeks after our time together


Not Included:

  • Flights

  • Transportation to and from center

Casa Raiz

A magical, family owned, luxury retreat center founded by Abelardo and Javier, two incredible men, anchored in their hearts who were born and raised in Peru. The entire center is rooted at the base of Apu (or mountain) Pitusiray and is run by their family and local members of the community. This is a special place and all its elements were built with deep respect and permission from Pachamama. Every detail was carefully curated with intention to immerse you in the magic of these lands. No doubt as soon as you step foot here, you will feel at home.

I’ve had the personal pleasure of getting to know the owners, they couldn’t be more excited to welcome you in and provide a safe, nurturing space for profound healing and transformation to take place.

This will be our sanctuary during our time together. By attending this retreat you’ll be supporting the locals of this land.

Just as our universe contains galaxies, planets, stars, clouds of dust, light and energy; Casa Raíz grew on sacred land, with stones and mountain rocks, quartz from the apus that surround it, noble wood and water from the mountain snow that runs through the house.”


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