Pranic Healing in Cusco

This healing technique is very similar to Reiki. The word Prana is a Sanskrit word that refers to vital energy, a very subtle energy that feeds the subtle body. In Bhakti Yoga ashrams they teach that this energy is in its most intense state between 4 and 6 in the morning. One must bathe in cold water before receiving Prana in order to cleanse the physical and subtle body. This hour is called Bhrama Muhurta, and is most important for the transcendentalist, yogi, or anyone who desires control of the mind and senses.

We possess a subtle body formed by 3 elements: the mind, the intelligence, and the false ego. The false ego is the most subtle element. It causes us to identify the physical body with the mind and its desires. The physical body reflects illnesses the first manifest themselves as problems in the subtle body.

What happens in a Pranic Healing session?

The subtle body is cleansed using the palm of one hand while the other receives Pranic energy from the fountain of the cosmos. Impurities are extracted from the patient and transferred to a bowl with water and salt.

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