Looking for a great massage or energy healing work in Cusco?

At Paramatma Holistic Healing, we offer a wide variety of customized massages:

Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Pre & Post Trek Massage
Sport Massage
Full Body Massage
Thai Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Relaxation Massage
Watsu Massage – Aquatic Therapy

Tantric Massage for Women
Sensual Massage for Women
Magic Mushroom Massage (A deep healing experience)

Energy Healing work:

Chakra Balancing
Aura Cleansing
Pranic Healing
Craniosacral Therapy
Sound Healing Therapy
Guided Meditation
Nidra Yoga

Your session can be more than 1 hour and can include multiple modalities.
For example:

1 hour massage, reiki and chakra alignment.

1 hour massage, reiki and aura cleansing.

Craniosacral therapy, reiki and chakra alignment.

2 hour massage, craniosacral therapy and chakra alignment.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional day spas in Europe and the States. So you can get away and get healthy more often.

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